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Why Use a CAA Approved Operator

Drones close Gatwick for 2 days.

With all the negative press over the past few days surrounding drones at Gatwick Airport, we thought we would run over the way we approach drone video and photography jobs as a CAA approved operator.

Prior to going out on site, we spend a large amount of time  discussing the flight area and gathering as much information as we can.

Once we have established, with the land owner, take off permission, airspace, hazards, no fly areas & any schools etc. which we always contact to advise of regarding the flight. We then move on to preparing a 150m radius site map.

Upon arrival at the site we transfer all the information to our On-site Survey form and notify any Airport ATC with our intent (Location, Height, Radius & time we would be flying)

Walk the site and prepare a full risk assessment, weather check, all prior to flight, along with a full inspection for flight worthiness of the drone.

Once airborne we always maintain Visual line of sight and always keep under our ceiling of 400ft.

We also carry fully 5m public liability insurance.